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Active E

The gastrointestinal function of small animals are greatly affect by various conditions such as weather, age, diet, the physical and medical condition.
Active E make from pineapple extract and apple fibre, is a great supplement that provide a good balance of dietary fibre to help activate the intestine movement.
This supplement well-liked by our furry friends helps to prevent health issue.
approximately 60 tablets ( 18g ),
approximately 400 tablets ( 120g ),
approximately 1,000 tablets ( 300g )

After opening, the effect of the enzyme will gradually diminish. It is recommended that you choose a quantity that can be used up within 2 to 3 months.

Feeding Guide
  • Weight below 1kg – 1 tablet/day
  • Weight between 1kg to 2kg – 2 tablets/day
  • Weight between 2kg to 3kg – 3 tablets/day
  • Weight below 1kg – 2 tablet/day
  • Weight between 1kg to 2kg – 3 tablets/day
  • Weight between 2kg to 3kg – 4 tablets/day

・During moulting period and when there is an decrease in appetite, 1 more tablets in addition to the feeding instruction able.
・For age 4 months and above

Country of Origin


Pineapple protease, apple fibre, dietary fibre, lactose

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude ProteinMin. 0.5 %
Crude FatMin. 1.5 %
Crude FiberMax. 10.0 %
Crude AshMax. 3.5 %
CalciumMax. 0.09 %
PhosphorusMax. 0.05 %
MoistureMax. 10.0 %
*Feed Guaranteed Analysis is subjected to change.
2小時 2小時
  Recommended to give ACTIVE E at least 2 hours apart from RABBIT’S POWER / VITALITY SOURCE / LACTIC ACID BACTERIA (STANDARD/SOFT). The pineapple protease in ACTIVE E may affect the efficacy of the above stated supplements.

If your rabbit will not eat the tablets in tablet form
(e.g., Your rabbit with bad teeth, resistance to flavors, etc.)

Try crushing them into a powder, dissolving them in water, and giving them by syringe or mixing them with your favorite food. To crush tablets, it is convenient to use a "pill crusher" as shown in the video on the left. (You can also break them with a knife.)

The tablets used in the video are "Active.E".


  • ・Do take care not to ingest the desiccant in the packaging.
  • ・Please store all products in a cool place. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.
  • ・This product is a supplement for rabbits and is not a staple food.
  • ・Please keep out of reach of children.
  • ・Do use the hay asap after opening for optimum freshness.
If you have any problems with the quality of your new product, please contact the shop where you purchased it to discuss and exchange the product.

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