董事長  小澤邦世
董事長  小澤邦世
About WOOLY Farm
Wooly farm was the first hay farm in the world that specialized in farming hay for rabbits. It is located at the foot of Mt Yatsugtake in Nagano, Japan. The hay harvested in the farm are well liked by many rabbits in terms of the taste and softness of the hay.
Our hay also contains high fibre which is essential in the rabbit’s growth and development.
As the company manages the farm, we have all the information on the farm and the hay. In order to maintain high quality, all Wooly’s products need to pass through rigorous testing process. Lastly, we do not use any agents such as herbicides, insect repellents and anti-epidemic agents in the farming process hence you can purchase for your rabbits with a peace of mind.
WOOLY Farm has grown from a small plot of land to more than 20 times the size of the original farm. This has been made possible by the support of the many feeders who have supported the WOOLY Farm range. Despite the expansion of the farm, the average annual harvesting period for each species is only about 2 weeks, and the harvest is affected by weather factors such as the proportion of weeds, typhoons, rainfall and winter snowfall.
WOOLY hopes that more rabbits will be able to eat the quality grass we have grown.
“The WOOLY’s Quality” is spreading in the World.
As the only rabbit manufacturer in Japan, WOOLY has built up a strong reputation in Japan, and demand for our products from overseas is growing. Since 2015, we have been exporting to Taiwan and then to many other countries.
We are now gradually expanding our range of products because we believe that owners share the same feelings for their rabbits around the world.
■ Export country(As of 2022)
      Taiwan / Hong Kong / Korea / China / Singapore / Malaysia / Canada / Philippines / Indonesia

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